Understanding the Inground Swimming Pool Building Process

How wonderful would it be to laze around your own specially designed inground swimming pool?

Imagine the fun you could have with family and friends, the endless barbecues accompanied by a refreshing cool down, the poolside relaxation and the chance to cool off in the balmy summer months.

Interested? Well, let us take you through the process so you, too, can enjoy your pool for many years to come.


As a family-owned business, Environ Pools values the spending of quality family time together.

We have been in business since the late 1980s and have completed more than 5000 projects throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

We have expert and experienced swimming pool designers who, on your initial consultation, will discuss all aspects of building your pool from the construction process, all necessary council requirements and approvals and your design wish list.

Your design team will be with you every step of the way so you will experience a personalised service throughout. Our owner, Matthew Galvin, will manage your project from start to finish and will be on hand with any concerns or questions you may have.

We are members of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA), having reached their very high professional and financial standards.

We have also won several awards of which we are very proud.


Not for us. At Environ Pools we specialise in building inground swimming pools in hard-to-reach blocks of land or on tricky sloping sites. At consultation we will talk you through the process and give you the reassurance of our attention to detail.

We thrive in successfully providing a service for this type of installation, no job is too big for us.

We love a challenge and with advances made in recent years we are even more confident of being able to design a pool in any landscape and surrounding.


When you have made the decision to go ahead with building your dream inground swimming pool you will no doubt ring around a few companies to get comparisons, and rightly so.

From our initial, complementary visit we will put you at ease, answer all your queries, go through your design ideas and if you are happy with our quotation and professionalism, we will start the process of making your dreams a reality.

The initial excavation can be stressful for some people, but we will put you at ease from the very beginning. You will be allocated a Supervisor who will oversee all aspects of the build and liaise with our experienced team of builders.

Please visit the Environ Pools website on www.environpools.com.au and make your dreams come true.

Within no time you will be the proud owner of a crystal clear inground swimming pool and be the envy of your neighbours.

Your family will love you for it.

We at Environ Pools are one of Brisbane’s longest serving pool companies and offer friendly, specialist help and assistance.

Please call 1800 808 133 or visit the website https://environpools.com.au
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