Transforming Brisbane Backyards into Luxury Spaces

Ever dreamt of transforming your backyard into an outdoor oasis? As Brisbane’s premier luxury pool builder, Environ Pools specialises in creating bespoke backyard escapes. Whether you want an infinity edge pool overlooking the Brisbane skyline or a fully custom contemporary pool surrounded by tropical palms, the team at Environ Pools can make your dream outdoor space a reality.

For over 30 years, Environ Pools has been designing and constructing luxury pools that seamlessly blend innovative design, premium materials and quality workmanship. We listen to your vision, assess how to best complement your home’s architecture and outdoor space, then craft a custom design using the latest pool technology and sustainable, eco-friendly equipment. From planning through to completion, our dedicated team provides an end-to-end service to ensure your luxury pool meets the highest standards of quality, style and functionality.

Introducing Environ Pools: Brisbane’s Premier Luxury Pool Builder

Environ Pools is Brisbane’s premier luxury pool builder, creating stunning outdoor escapes in backyards across the city.

Whether you dream of a tropical resort-style pool or a natural swim spa, the Environ Pools team can bring your vision to life. Using the highest quality materials and latest technology, we construct bespoke pools tailored to your needs and budget.

To begin your luxury pool project, Environ Pools offers a free consultation. This initial consultation is your chance to share your ideas, preferences, and desired aesthetics. From there, we organise an in-person meeting where we tour your property and this is where you can really start visualising your dream pool. Our award-winning designers will discuss your ideas and provide concept drawings to help visualise the possibilities. They handle everything from gaining council approvals to landscaping your new backyard oasis.

With over 30 years of experience, an enviable portfolio of luxury pools, and a reputation for excellence, you can rely on Environ Pools to deliver an outdoor space you’ll enjoy for years to come. Your search for Brisbane’s best luxury pool builder ends here.

Environ Pools’ Stunning Pool Designs and Customisations

Environ Pools is renowned for its stunning custom pool designs that transform ordinary backyards into luxurious retreats.

Our award-winning designers work closely with you to create a pool that perfectly suits your space and lifestyle. The best part about getting a custom pool, is it works in with your existing home, not the other way around. We can create pool areas in any shape or style so it seamlessly merges with your home. There’s no need to sacrifice a huge piece of land so you can squeeze in a fibreglass pool that simply was not made for your space. With Environ Pools, we utilise the space you have so no square metre is wasted. 

As well as custom pool shapes, we offer a variety of customisations so you can have additional features like infinity edge spas, water features, heated spas and more.

For the ultimate luxury experience, consider upgrades like automated pool covers and high-tech sanitation systems which we can install and maintain through our relationship with Pool Builders’ Pool Shop. 


Creating a Backyard Oasis With Environ Pools

A Custom Process

Environ Pools follows a custom process for each project to ensure an amazing result. We meet with you to discuss your vision, then create drawn designs, so you can visualise the final product. Once you approve the design, we handle all council approvals and oversee construction. Environ Pools uses only the highest quality materials and advanced building techniques to create a stunning pool that will last for decades.

Whether you want a pool for leisurely laps, family fun, or entertainment, Environ Pools can make your dream outdoor oasis a reality. From eco-friendly natural pools to state-of-the-art infinity edge designs, we build pools as unique as each client. 


Fusing Aesthetics and Functionality

To create a luxury space, Environ Pools focuses on designing pools that are both beautiful and highly functional. Our pool architects work with you to determine how you intend to use your pool, whether for exercise, entertainment, or relaxation. They then create a custom design that blends seamlessly with your outdoor space and lifestyle.

Environ Pools is known for building freeform pools with sleek contemporary designs and water features like raised spas, water walls and infinity edges. These designs help your pool become a natural focal point of your backyard. At the same time, we ensure every pool has essentials like heating, lighting, filtration and cleaning systems for maximum usability.

By fusing aesthetics and functionality, Environ Pools creates an outdoor escape that is stunning to look at and a joy to experience. Our luxury pools transform backyards into private resorts where homeowners can exercise, entertain or simply relax and unwind in a beautiful space tailored to their needs.

Innovative Ideas for Swimming Pools

Innovative Ideas for Swimming Pools

Before embarking on your quest to turn your backyard into a lavish retreat, it’s essential to grasp that the cornerstone of any exceptional design lies in mastering the fundamentals. This includes a deep understanding of spatial utilisation, material choices, harmonious colour palettes, and seamless integration with the surrounding environment. These essential principles hold just as true when crafting the perfect swimming pool design.

Some creative ideas include:

  • Natural stone water features like cascading rock waterfalls or a tranquil pond with native plants. The gentle trickling sounds create a peaceful ambiance.
  • An infinity edge to make it appear as though the pool blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. This striking design element is ideal for homes with scenic views.
  • LED lighting transforms your pool into a nighttime spectacle. Programmable lights can change colours for a mesmerising effect.
  • Heated pools extend the swimming season in cooler weather. You can enjoy a nice swim even when temperatures start to drop.
  • A tanning shelf provides shallow water where you can lounge in the sun. It’s the perfect spot to relax, read a book and work on your tan.

Whatever innovative ideas inspire you, Environ Pools’ expert design team can incorporate custom features to create your dream pool escape. Your backyard oasis is limited only by your imagination.

Benefits of a Custom Pool

Benefits of a Custom Pool

A custom pool designed by Environ Pools provides endless benefits for your Brisbane home.

Stay active and improve your fitness. Swimming provides an excellent full-body workout. Custom pools can also include features like resistance jets for aquatic exercise.

Create an outdoor oasis. A custom pool transforms your backyard into a relaxing retreat. Environ Pools incorporates natural stone, tropical plants, and water features to craft an exotic escape.

Enjoy time with friends and family. A custom pool creates the ultimate spot for social gatherings, barbecues, and parties. Entertaining in your own backyard paradise makes lasting memories.

Increase your property value. High-quality custom pools significantly increase the resale value of homes. Environ Pools uses only the finest, most durable materials and components to construct pools that stand the test of time.

A custom pool delivers enjoyment for years to come. Make the most of Brisbane’s climate in your own private luxury escape created by Environ Pools.

How A Luxury Concrete Pool Elevates a Backyard

A custom concrete pool is the epitome of luxury for any backyard. More lawnspace doesn’t necessarily mean you have more practical space. Oftentimes homeowners with big plots of turf feel like their backyard is barren or ‘missing something’. A custom pool adds a feature that is both visually appealing while also adding variety to what you can do outside. Depending on your personal needs, you can still have a grass area, which you will be able to use exactly the same as before (playing with the kids, exercising on the grass or practising sport drills), only now you’ll also have the option to unwind in a stunning concrete pool. Sounds like a win-win to us. 

Importance of Pool Landscaping

Luxury pools are all about transforming your outdoor space into a private oasis. Environ Pools knows that the landscaping surrounding your pool is just as important as the pool itself in creating an upscale resort feel.

Plant Selection

The plants you choose should enhance your pool area, not just fill space. Environ Pools recommends tropical palms, colourful blooms, and fragrant flowers to transport you to paradise. They suggest plants that will thrive in your local climate and complement your pool’s style. Whether you prefer a minimalist desert vibe or lush jungle escape, the ideal plant life completes the look.

For a high-end experience, Environ Pools also can connect you with our trusted patio and deck builders if you want a complete, outdoor oasis overhaul. Incorporating architectural elements like pergolas, trellises, and arbours over areas of dense planting are great ways to create a pool space you’ll never want to leave. 

These features provide shade and visual interest, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space no matter the time of day or season. Carefully placed lighting, planter boxes, pathways and other hardscaping features tie it all together for a cohesive luxury landscape design.

Transforming Brisbane Backyards into Luxury Spaces


So there you have it, a glimpse into how Environ Pools creates those stunning luxury pools you’ve been dreaming about. Our custom designs, high-quality materials and craftsmanship are second to none. The team works closely with you to build a pool that suits your lifestyle and budget, transforming your backyard into an elegant outdoor escape. Whether you want a pool for entertaining friends, doing laps for exercise or just relaxing on a hot summer’s day, Environ Pools will make your dream a reality. With summer just around the corner, isn’t it time you contacted Environ Pools to start designing your perfect luxury pool? Our friendly team is ready to turn your backyard into the ultimate private oasis. 

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