Tips To Keep Your Pool Clean All Year Round

A designer pool can be a dream come true, it can be something for all of the family to enjoy and a good investment.

There is a lot to be said for cooling off in a beautiful pool in your yard during the hot summer months.

However, are you struggling to keep your in-ground pool clean all year round?
As inviting as a crystal clear pool looks, keeping it this way can become a challenge. You may have already experienced it’s not an easy task maintaining your dream pool.
Getting into good habits early on can make this job less of a chore and more of a routine, and then all of the family can enjoy a clear, clean and healthy pool all year.


There are some top tips that can assist you with maintaining that sparkling water and staying on top of your pool maintenance can actually save you money in the long run. Preventing issues from occurring can save you not only money but also a lot of time and frustration along the way.

There is plenty of expert advice available to assist you with this and accessories you can purchase to help with the general maintenance and upkeep of your pool.
Monitoring your inground pool before any issues occur is much easier than trying to correct problems after they have happened. Simple visual checks for leaks, water clarity, cleaning skimmer baskets, and ensuring the cleaning systems are working properly can help to limit any potential issues.

Keeping on top of cleaning around the tile line weekly, and as we know it can get windy in Brisbane so regularly fishing out any leaves is a necessity particularly during the autumn months.

It is a good idea to skim the surface of the pool on a daily basis removing any debris and preventing it from going into the filter.


Keeping a check on your pool chemical levels on a weekly basis is a must. Regularly checking the levels means you can ensure the balance is correct.

As a guide during the hot summer Brisbane months check levels around twice a week. While during winter, only once a week may suffice. Testing kits can be purchased to help you with this. If you spot any odours check these straight away, and ensure filters are cleaned. The water level should be checked and if necessary topped up to the required height, around the centre of the pool skimmer.

If it drops too low this can damage the pump, too high and it will not operate effectively.


If you do notice your in-ground pool in Brisbane is becoming cloudy then its best to seek professional advice.

We at Environ Pools are one of Brisbane’s longest serving pool companies and offer friendly, specialist help and assistance.

Please call 1800 808 133 or visit the website
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