Tips for Building a Swimming Pool Queensland Style

Queensland is ready-built for swimming pools. Big backyards. Sunshine in bucketloads. And the kind of weather that makes being neck-deep in cool water a given.

Swan-diving into the blissful, cool water on a very hot day is something most Queensland homeowners have come to expect. The luxury of having your own swimming pool doesn’t stop there. It also does wonders for your home’s market value, especially when the pool surrounds are designed with care and consideration.

Inground pools, are what immediately comes to mind when you’re serious about ‘living the dream’, the Queensland lifestyle and, of course, adding thousands of dollars in property value. The number of options available for inground pools are convincing, especially the more environmentally-friendly options, including our amazing mineral pools.

The most significant question about investing in a swimming pool Queensland property owners ask, is whether what they want is possible in their location.

The team at Environ Pools likes a challenge. Dealing with steeply sloping land, narrow access sites and tight property boundaries, is not going to stop them. When the going gets tough, the tough team at Environ Pools gets going.


While size is definitely a consideration, regardless of your backyard’s size, established pool builders can offer the benefits of their experience. Confidence in this regard would logically be lower with less experienced builders.
The team at Environ Pools has the expertise to design pools that work for land of almost any size and shape. Of course, if space is not a problem for you, you’ll be free to go crazy and stand by while Environ Pools turns your wildest dreams into reality.
You’ll relish the possibilities. They are almost limitless when it comes to pool shapes, pool surrounds, and lighting and design options. Screens can be added for privacy. Water features and vegetation also complement a swimming pool setting.


It’s worth taking into account the best time to schedule your swimming pool build. Seasonal conditions and weather can make a big difference to how long it takes to complete a project.
The call for a swimming pool Queensland home owners most often make, is to have it ready in time for summer. As a consequence, pool contractors usually have a packed schedule as summer approaches and they stay busy for quite a while with completions.

It’s far less hectic in the winter months. And also kinder with regard to torrential downpours. Scheduling pool construction well ahead of summer demands, means completion is unlikely to be disrupted to the extent it would be in peak times.

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