The Best Up & Coming Australian Pool Design Trends – Build Now For Summer!

A pool is an asset that can transform your home from ordinary to marvelous. A thoughtfully conceived pool design can frame your property and add value to your home and way of life.

Just like architectural trends, Australian pool designs continually shift as people seek different things from their pool experience. The days of irregular-shaped, bulky pools are over and are now replaced with sleek, modern designs that can be used for so much more than just swimming.

As things start to dip into the chillier time of year, you may not be thinking about pool life just yet. But, by the time summer comes around again, it may be too late to undertake a big pool build.

If you’re looking for modern swimming pool design ideas, here are some trends that we’ve seen take off!

The Best Up & Coming Australian Pool Design Trends - Build Now For Summer


Simple, sleek angles add a beautiful appeal to a backyard and allow tight integration to the home design. Contemporary pool designs blur the line between interior and exterior living.

Modern swimming pool designs are simple and reflect the pool owner’s desire for simplicity and style – without impeding the flow of their available yard space. The days of kidney-shaped pools taking up huge plots of land have been replaced by pool designs that look like they’ve always existed alongside the house.

The Best Up & Coming Australian Pool Design Trends - Build Now For Summer


Today’s swimming pools are assisted by world-leading maintenance technology, which means much less time needs to be spent cleaning and looking after it. Automation comes in an array of forms but at the baseline, it’s about giving you more time to enjoy your pool without worrying about it.

We have partnered with Pool Builders Pool Shop to offer our clients a revolutionary, remote pool maintenance service that allows them to monitor your pool via a mobile app and deliver or install the chemicals you need. Other systems include custom LED lighting, advanced pool cleaning robots, and heating systems.


The flawless flow of water over the top of an infinity pool makes for a stunning aesthetic. This style of pool has skyrocketed in popularity and it’s easy to see why. Can you picture anything more picturesque than seeing metres of edgeless water sparkling over your backyard?

The Best Up & Coming Australian Pool Design Trends - Build Now For Summer


Splash decks are longer, shallow areas within a pool that allow you to soak your feet freely without the worry of falling in. It’s an excellent feature for people who prefer cooling off in the shallows instead of taking a dip. There’s no better place to pull up a deck chair and settle with a drink or a book.


Homeowners or pool visitors want to spend time around the water; that’s why so many modern Australian pool designs incorporate an outdoor living area. The presence of water naturally cools the breeze, making poolside living super relaxing in the warmer months. Backyard pool designs are often paired with a patio or pergola to keep people out of the sun. These features can also lean over your pool, so people swimming have the choice to bask in the light or cozy up under the shade. Add purpose to your new outdoor area with lounging furniture, a kitchen, or a dedicated BBQ zone.

The Best Up & Coming Australian Pool Design Trends - Build Now For Summer


Blue finishes have ubiquitously appeared throughout the history of building pools because of the desire to create ‘blue water’. However, trendsetters have opted to add different finishes to their pool area. Green finishes add a natural, overgrown look that many cottage-inspired designers look for. Black finishes have also been popping up to add a bold and somewhat mysterious tone to the pool design. Deep colours like navy or deep-green have been labelled ‘lagoon colours’ because of the darker colour they give to the water. Another plus of a darker finish is they absorb heat, keeping your pool naturally warmer in the cooler months. For those who like the classic blue look, blue tiles lend great texture to your pool’s design. Tiling has always been seen as an expensive finish, but it has become more affordable in recent years.


Australian backyards are shrinking, especially in capital cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Plunge pools and other small swimming pool designs have become regular additions to land-locked homes. Some of these pool designs can incorporate swim jets, which gives the owner the same exercise benefits as a lap pool, at a fraction of the space. Even people with enough space to home a large pool are opting for the more condensed plunge pool equivalent. These compact pool designs are perfect options for people who want to make the most of their space.

Bringing your dream pool to life takes a lot of thought. Luckily the team at Environ Pools will walk you through the process every step of the way. We’ve completed more than 5,000 projects for clients throughout Brisbane and South East Queensland. If you want the perfect accessory to your home, our bespoke concrete pools are for you. Enquire today!

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