Rules for Swimming Pools in Queensland

Queensland… beautiful one day, beautiful swimming pool the next.
A carefully designed swimming pool is a godsend. Environ Pools has the experience to design and install a pool for you that will exceed your expectations.

We make sure the pool is ideally situated and that it is built with an absolute minimum of regular maintenance in mind to keep it looking and feeling like a million dollars.
The only thing our new pool owners need to know—beyond the feel good bliss of jumping into their Environ pool—is that health and safety cannot be ignored.
The rules and regulations that apply to swimming pools in Queensland are there for the good of all. Let’s take a quick look of what the rules cover.


If there’s a pool on your property, the Queensland Government has certain rules that you must abide by.

Mostly for the sake of unsupervised children, but also for anyone else who may be at risk, access to your pool is your responsibility. For this reason, the regulations require compliant pool fencing—installed to the correct height, with a self-locking, child-proof security gate.
You want your pool to play a starring role at your property, so it’s no wonder that physical pool barriers to secure the area around it come in all shapes and colours. Among the options to consider are glass, timber, rendered concrete, brick, and powder-coated aluminium.
We can advise you about the requirements specific to your locality but the main objective is that little humans should not be able to climb over, under, around, or through the barrier to gain access.


Since November 2011, it has been a legal requirement in Queensland, that swimming pools be listed on a state-wide register. If you want to lease or sell your property, an official pool safety certificate is a requirement.

These certificates are obtained through state government-appointed and licensed pool inspectors.


If you are renting a property with a swimming pool in Queensland, your responsibilities include keeping gates closed and making sure there is nothing a child could use to climb on, to gain access to the pool.


Hygiene and health go hand in hand. Despite look clean and clear, a swimming pool can still be unsafe to swim in.

By carefully monitoring the levels of pool chemicals, the water in your swimming pool is kept in balance to ensure health safety. There’s a bit going on, chemically—thanks to sunscreens, cosmetics, etc, not to mention the occasional downpour. For the same reason, leaves and other debris shouldn’t litter your pool for too long.

As a pool owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure its water is maintained within local government guidelines. Otherwise you’d be open to legal action if someone were to have a health issue after swimming in your pool.


At Environ Pools, we’ll be happy to help you manage any aspect of pool ownership, including safety certification and, of course, getting your swimming pool designed right, from the start. As you can see from our customer reviews, it pays to deal with Brisbane most reputable swimming pool company.

Talk to us today about owning your own swimming pool in Queensland.
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