Pool Maintenance Tips for Summer Storm Season

Brisbane’s summer is not just about the glorious sun and outdoor fun; it’s a season that brings unique weather patterns, each impacting your pool in different ways. Knowing how to manage your pool in this climate is essential for maintaining its beauty and usability.

Understanding the unique characteristics of Brisbane’s summer weather is essential for effective pool maintenance. The region experiences a subtropical climate, which is marked by hot and humid summers accompanied by frequent rainfall. This specific weather pattern presents a challenge as the combination of heat and moisture creates a perfect breeding ground for algae in pools. 

Pool Maintenance Tips for Summer Storm Season

More importantly, Brisbane is also known for its prevalence of severe thunderstorms during the summer months. These storms often bring heavy rain, strong winds, and lightning, which can significantly impact the condition of your pool. Being aware of these climatic factors is vital in implementing the right pool maintenance strategies to ensure your pool remains clean, safe, and enjoyable throughout the season.

Preventative Measures for Pool Maintenance: Ensuring Your Pool’s Longevity and Health

Maintaining a pool in Brisbane’s demands a proactive and comprehensive approach. At Environ Pools, in partnership with Pool Builders Pool Shop, we specialise in a range of preventative maintenance services designed to keep your pool in pristine condition throughout the storm season and beyond.

Pool Maintenance Tips for Summer Storm Season

Regular Pool Cleaning: A Foundation for Pool Health

Our expert services are at the forefront of keeping your pool clean and inviting. We offer:

  • Thorough Cleaning Techniques: Keeping up with your pool’s regular and ongoing cleaning routine will also help keep it swimmingly through storm season.  Make sure you are skimming the pool’s surface to remove leaves and other debris, vacuuming the bottom to tackle sediment and dirt, and brushing the pool walls to prevent algae build-up and staining. These regular cleaning routines are vital for maintaining both the aesthetic and health of your pool.  And if you don’t want to deal with your pool servicing, head over to Pool Builders Pool Shop where they offer a great pool service option, quick and easy to book online.
  • Advanced Equipment: To ensure the highest standard of cleaning, make the most of new advances in cleaning technology specialised equipment, including the latest innovations like the Maytronics robotic cleaner. These advanced tools enhance cleaning efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring every corner of your pool is impeccably maintained. Check out the full range of Maytronics Robot Cleaners here.

Pool Covers: Your First Line of Defense

In addition to cleaning, protecting your pool with a robust cover is essential, especially during Brisbane’s unpredictable storm season:

  • Strong and Durable Covers: Pool covers are designed to offer strong protection against storm debris, such as leaves, branches, and dirt. This not only keeps your pool clean but also reduces the risk of damage to pool equipment and surfaces.  Pool Builders Pool Shop can help you find the right pool cover for your needs.

Chemical Balance: The Key to Safe and Clear Water

Post-storm pool maintenance isn’t just about removing debris; it’s also about ensuring the water is safe and balanced:

  • Maintaining Water Safety: After a storm, the chemical balance of your pool can be significantly altered. Focus on restoring and maintaining this balance to ensure the water remains safe for swimming. This involves adjusting chlorine levels and pH, which is crucial for keeping the water clear and bacteria-free.
  • Expert Advice and Guidance: Our partners at Pool Builders Pool Shop provide expert advice on managing your pool’s chemical balance. With their guidance, you can navigate the complexities of water chemistry, ensuring your pool remains a refreshing and safe haven, regardless of the weather.

Storm Preparation: Essential Steps to Protect Your Pool

Proactively preparing for Brisbane’s summer storms is crucial in minimising their impact on your pool. At Environ Pools, we emphasise the importance of taking specific measures to safeguard your pool and its surroundings against the potential ravages of severe weather. Here’s how you can get your pool ready for the storm season:

Securing Pool Equipment: A Necessity for Storm Safety

  • Anchoring and Protection: The cornerstone of storm preparation is ensuring that all pool equipment, including pumps, filters, heaters, and any other ancillary components, are securely anchored. This prevents them from being damaged or becoming hazardous projectiles during high winds. Additionally, protecting this equipment from water ingress, which can occur during heavy rains, is essential. This might involve installing covers or shields specifically designed for this purpose. Ensuring that your equipment is well-protected not only preserves its functionality but also extends its lifespan.

Pruning Landscaping: Reducing Debris Risks

  • Regular Maintenance: A well-maintained garden is less likely to contribute to pool debris during a storm. Regularly trimming trees and shrubs, particularly those near the pool area, significantly reduces the likelihood of branches and leaves ending up in the water. This proactive approach not only helps in maintaining a cleaner pool but also reduces the additional strain on your pool’s filtration system post-storm.
  • Removing Potential Hazards: Identify and remove any dead or weak branches in your garden. These are more likely to break off in a storm and can cause damage to your pool and its equipment. Ensuring that your landscaping is not just aesthetically pleasing but also safe and storm-proof is an important aspect of pool area maintenance.

Electrical Precautions: Safeguarding Against Lightning and Surges

  • Investing in Protection: Lightning poses a significant risk to the electrical systems associated with your pool. It’s crucial to invest in lightning or surge protection systems, especially for pools that are in exposed locations. These systems can effectively redirect lightning strikes away from your pool and its equipment, minimising the risk of electrical damage or safety hazards. This is particularly important for protecting sensitive components like automated pool covers, lighting, and heating systems.
  • Electrical Safety Measures: In addition to lightning protection, ensuring that all electrical installations in and around your pool comply with safety standards is vital. This includes having ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) on all pool-related electrical outlets, which can prevent electrocution by automatically shutting off power in the event of a fault.

Post-Storm Actions: Restoring Your Pool to Perfection

After a summer storm in Brisbane has passed, it’s vital to take immediate and effective steps to ensure your pool is returned to its optimal state. 

Pool Maintenance Tips for Summer Storm Season

Conducting a Thorough Pool Inspection

  • Damage Assessment: The first step after a storm is to carefully inspect your pool for any signs of damage. This includes checking for cracks, chips, or other structural damage to the pool itself, as well as examining the surrounding area and equipment. Identifying and promptly addressing any damage can prevent further complications and ensure the safety and longevity of your pool.
  • Debris Removal: Storms often leave behind debris such as leaves, branches, and sometimes even larger objects that may have been blown into the pool area. It’s important to clear all this debris to prevent it from affecting the pool’s filtration and plumbing systems. This cleanup process not only helps in maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your pool but also ensures that your pool’s filtration system is not overburdened.

Utilising Expert Clean-up Services

  • Deep Cleaning: Post-storm, your pool may require more than just a superficial clean-up. Visit our partners Pool Builders Pool Shop to take advantage of their professional cleaning services, offering a deep and thorough cleaning of your pool. This includes not only skimming and vacuuming to remove debris but also brushing the pool’s surfaces to prevent algae growth, which can be accelerated by the organic matter introduced during the storm.
  • Equipment Check: In addition to cleaning the pool itself, they also inspect all pool equipment, including pumps, filters, and heaters, to ensure they are free from debris and functioning correctly. This thorough inspection and cleaning help in prolonging the life of your equipment and maintaining the overall health of your pool.

Advanced Water Testing for Health and Balance

  • Chemical Balance Restoration: Storms can significantly alter the chemical balance of your pool water, making it unsafe for swimming. Advanced water testing services are crucial in assessing the post-storm condition of your pool water. The team at Pool Builders Pool Shop meticulously analyse the water for pH levels, chlorine content, and other key parameters and then adjust the chemical balance as needed.
  • Ensuring Water Quality: The goal of water testing is not just to rebalance the chemicals but also to ensure the overall quality of the water. This includes checking for clarity, preventing algae growth, and ensuring that the water is hygienic and safe for swimming. Maintaining the right chemical balance also helps in protecting the pool surfaces and equipment from damage.


Brisbane’s summer storms present a unique set of challenges, but with Environ Pools and Pool Builders Pool Shop at your side, these challenges become manageable. Our commitment to regular pool maintenance, robust pool covers, and expertise in chemical balance makes us your ideal ally in keeping your pool resilient and inviting, regardless of the weather. Contact us today to ensure your pool remains a source of joy and relaxation throughout Brisbane’s stormy summer season.


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