How To Choose A Pool Builder That You Can Trust 100%

So, you’ve decided to jump in and build your dream pool! When it comes to pool building and hiring swimming pool contractors, diving straight into the deep end can cause more stress than it’s worth.

Finding a pool construction company takes research and good judgement. In short, a trustworthy pool builder should not only have examples of completed projects, great reviews and a strong online presence – they should also make you feel comfortable before committing to this big investment.

Follow these tips to ensure you’re hiring swimming pool contractors that you can trust.

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Pools are much more than holes that store water – each pool has style and adds a certain look to your home. Different pool builders specialise in different areas; that can be the style, resources they use or the services they provide. If you want a stunning in-ground, concrete swimming pool, a contractor with mostly carbon-fibre pool installation experience won’t have the same experience as a concrete pool contractor.

Past work is an incredibly important resource. Has the builder built a similar pool to what you’re looking for? If yes, perfect. If not, make sure you’re absolutely confident the contractor can handle the job, or look elsewhere.

Discover Their Customer Satisfaction Rate

A bad builder won’t advertise their flaws, so it’s up to you to be clever and resourceful to get the information you need. Online reviews are an accessible way to gauge how reputable a swimming pool builder is, but you can get a better idea by asking direct questions about past client satisfaction. A pool builder likely has photos of their previous pool builds, so asking to see them before you commit is a good way to gauge if each customer is getting the same level of professionalism.


Building a pool takes a lot of resources, machinery and equipment. Choosing a local pool builder means you’re less likely to endure long wait times for resources and workers to arrive. Locally based pool builders also are more likely to have completed several builds in your area, so they’ll understand the land conditions and how to work best in your environment.


Experience takes time, so the longer your pool builder has been in the game, the better. Plus, the more jobs a swimming pool contractor has completed, the more likely it is that they’ve completed a job similar to your requirements. Trusting an experienced builder means you’re more likely to avoid mistakes that a new contractor may make.

How To Choose A Pool Builder That You Can Trust 100%


Pool building falls under the jurisdiction of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. When hiring swimming pool contractors, your builder must have a QBCC Licence to verify that your builder is state qualified and insured.

Insurance means you’ll be covered for any damages to your property during the project, as well as contractor injury and other complications during work. Obtain details of insurance prior to the project start date to ensure you are not liable for any issues which may arise.

Some important questions to ask about a contractor’s reliability are:

  • How old is the company/how much experience do they have?
  • How many pools have they built?
  • Who in the company has the QBCC licence?
  • Have they gotten defect orders, or had their licence suspended?


Pool building is a big job, so you want to ensure your contractor is punctual and communicates well. A good way to see previous work and check out customer interaction is by scrolling through the company website and social media pages. There’s no better way to access all the information you need than checking out a business’s website. All their services, past work, client testimonials and other information will be accessible.

How To Choose A Pool Builder That You Can Trust 100%


You’ll want to have a good idea of what you’re paying for up-front and what will be requested by the builder. Discuss a budget with your builder that makes you comfortable. Also, get an overview of everything the contractor will be completing. Some pool builders do not include electrical work or formwork, which adds an unexpected extra job to the end of your project that you may not have budgeted for. Take time to understand what is covered by your contract so you know exactly what to expect.



Reputable pool builders will only quote a price after they’ve seen your space and have made note of specifications related directly to your job. Hiring swimming pool contractors after a blind phone call is a dangerous leap of faith. Never accept a quote if the contractor has not seen the worksite. If someone gives you a flat price after one call, that’s likely a big red flag.

So if you’re ready to build your dream pool, the experienced team at Environ Pools is here to help make your plans a reality. Contact us for more information on our processes or ask for an initial concept and we’ll go from there.

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