Great Alternative To Chlorine

Since the inception of swimming pools, chlorine has been the go-to keep them clean and safe, but it’s alternatives available for swimming pools Brisbane households and leisure centres are looking at.

Chlorine has been the mainstay for decades because it deals with the main criteria in keeping swimming pools in Brisbane clean: it kills bacteria and germs, is an oxidant controlling residue from perspiration and body oils and it’s anti-algae. It’s probably the cheapest of all pool cleaning substances – for a 45,000-litre pool you’ll spend about $800 every year, some alternatives can cost double that.

These days chlorine is losing its appeal because it does have a strong odour; it’s an irritant, especially to the eyes and it causes allergic reactions in some people. Studies have shown that at least five per cent of us are allergic to chlorine.
So, it’s less harmful alternatives for swimming pools Brisbane owners are looking for and an increasing number are prepared to pay extra for these substitutes.


This is an alternative to those with allergic reactions to chlorine, although there is no guarantee as bromine, like chlorine, is in the same halogen family. There is also a hybrid version – a tablet that is 66 per cent bromine and 27 per cent chlorine.
Pros: stable at high temperatures, making it a popular choice for spas. Good sanitiser. It is less of an irritant than chlorine.

Cons: your pool won’t sparkle; bromine pools are a dull green colour because oxidation is weak. It’s twice as expensive than chlorine.


This is a device that uses a low-voltage current to send copper (an algaecide) and silver (a sanitiser), but requires a small amount of chlorine, as there is no oxidiser.

Pros: the positive charge attracts bacteria, germs and algae. It doesn’t irritate the eyes.
Cons: not efficient enough for frequently used pools and heavy polluted areas. An ioniser will struggle with high dirt levels. Due to high levels of metal it can stain the pool and turn your hair green.


This system is taking the swimming pool world by storm because it is brings the benefits of the Dead Sea straight into your pool. Its magic ingredient is magnesium and this used in conjunction with ozone purification means the need to chlorinate is halved. The flocculation (the same method used in water treatment plants) makes your filter work more efficiently.
Pros: soothes skins, detoxifies and relaxes the nervous system. It softens the pool’s water and keeps your skin hydrated. It’s a long-term money saver as there is a minimal need for chlorine and uses less water, making it eco-friendly. The good news is you won’t have to drain your pool to convert to the Mineral Swim System®.

Cons: we’ve struggled to find any unless you find the conversion process a schlep.
If you are one of the many considering converting your swimming pool in Brisbane to the Mineral Swim System, you have come to the right place here at Environ Pools.

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