Everything You Need To Know About Concrete Pool Warranties

When you build a pool, you add a feature that becomes as much of the property as the house that’s on it. Obviously, you want to ensure that your new pool will have a long and happy life, so it’s crucial that you choose a qualified builder who stands behind their work with a strong pool warranty or builder’s warranty.

Understanding your pool warranty is super important and should be one of the first discussions you have with your builder. Not sure where to start? This article covers what types of warranties are applicable for a concrete pool and lists other key points you’ll want to bring up with your pool builder. Ok, let’s jump in!

How Close Can A Pool Be To A House Or Property Boundary In Queensland


Before you’re diving into your new pool, you should have several warranties active. With concrete pools, the first warranty comes from the pool builder, guaranteeing that the work and product are up to standard. The second will come from your equipment provider who set up all the inner workings.

Most concrete pools are covered by the relevant state statutory warranty period, given that a licensed pool builder constructed your pool. Each state varies in the period your pool is covered for, however the general time frame is up to 6 and a half years after construction completion. This warranty is only valid if you signed a contract with your qualified builder, so be sure to check with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) that your pool builder is licensed. This is often the main warranty you will receive, but you should always ask your pool builder if there are any additional protection measures you can implement should a mishap occur with your pool in future.

A pool builder that stands by their product will offer a multi-year warranty, which gives you peace of mind that you’ve made a sound investment and provides a safety net should any complications arise in the few years after installation.


Because concrete pools are constructed, the builder’s warranty is the main cover you will receive. Unlike other types of pools where the shell is produced by a manufacturer and installed by builders, a concrete pool is custom-made and installed by the contractor.

When you build a concrete pool on your property, you should have two warranties in place:

  1. The workmanship or builder’s warranty
  2. The equipment warranty

Other pool styles like vinyl or fibreglass pools often include a manufacturer’s warranty, which means if the lining or actual pool frame is damaged, you are entitled to a replacement or a refund. A concrete pool is a more personalised feature that is made custom to fit your property so there is no technical manufacturer.

Still, this doesn’t mean you’re not protected. Concrete pools will still offer you a workmanship warranty for both the labour and materials. Luckily concrete pools are more durable and less likely to be damaged by things that would harm other material pools.

When going ahead with a pool build, it’s imperative that you ask about the warranty and actually read it yourself. At the end of the day, you know exactly what coverage you want, and an installer may not be familiar with all the terms and conditions of your warranty. Make sure you sign a contract with a warranty you’re happy with before construction starts or any materials are purchased.


A lot goes into building a concrete pool; that’s why having a good team of pool builders and the right coverage is essential. Construction includes everything from digging the hole where the pool will go, to preparing the ground, laying the concrete and any other land work that needs to be done.

A filled pool needs a good support base because they become quite heavy. If the ground isn’t prepared correctly and is still soft or malleable, your pool may sink or move. This can lead to cracking or a fracture which can result in a leak, which may reshuffle the soil around your property. Both events can be costly if it needs to be paid out of pocket. The builder’s workmanship warranty should cover should these circumstances arise.

Make sure you check that the pool builder you choose has adequate insurance for any property damage or accidents that may occur during construction. When moving so much soil, there’s a chance they may burst a sewerage pipe or other submerged objects. While this is a rare occurrence, the right warranty ensures the pool builder will pay for any damages that happen to your property.

It takes a year for your pool to go through a full season cycle. After that time, it has experienced all of the environmental conditions that could affect it and has had time to react to any climate changes. Just make sure your workmanship warranty lasts longer than one year to see if the heat and cold in your region has an influence on your pool.

How Close Can A Pool Be To A House Or Property Boundary In Queensland


Equipment warranty is a smaller process, but an important thing to remember nonetheless. This coverage is for all the inner workings of your pool; the pump, heating, lighting and any other systems you have installed. An equipment warranty helps you replace broken parts without buying new ones. Be cautious when installing things yourself because most equipment warranties need to be installed by a licensed professional to be valid.

A good pool builder will set you up with a trustworthy equipment supplier that can offer ongoing support. Here at Environ Pools’, we deliver high-quality pools that are maintained by our trusted industry partner, Pool Builders Pool Shop, with their remote monitoring and Blue Connect technology.

This revolutionary off-site monitoring system remotely detects if a pool’s water chemistry is outside the predetermined threshold set within the Blue Connect device and alerts the pool owner immediately via email or SMS. This alert includes a diagnosis of the pool, outlines any of the chemicals required to fix the issue and provides direct links to order online and get them delivered straight to our customers’ door.

Pool Builders Pool Shop is Queensland’s leading provider of the automated digital pool monitoring service and here at Environ Pools, we’re proud to work with a pool shop that truly understands our needs.


Don’t let all this information intimidate you – the best way to make building a pool go swimmingly is call in the help of a master building team! Environ Pools is here to help from the planning to the building of your dream pool. If you want great pool equipment and servicing, check out our partners at Pool Builders Pool Shop.

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