Do You Need An Environmentally Friendly Pool Builder?

There is a growing consciousness among Australians about the damage we are doing to the environment and more of us are questioning the ecological value of our decisions.

At Environ Pools in Coorparoo we are committed to the latest green technologies including mineral water pools.

There are many ways to carve out a green pool at your home that is both entertaining and budget friendly!

If you have decided on an environmentally friendly pool, Environ Pools offers numerous options and features, all of which are green and cost effective.


Concrete pool builders in Brisbane obviously use concrete as the main construction material, therefore we can create whatever you require – especially if you have backyard size constraints or a difficult block to build on.

We also recommend a carbon ceramic pool, which helps keep out bacteria and doesn’t need to be built from scratch, which saves energy and money.


If you plan to heat your pool, consider using solar panels.

These garner energy from the sun and cut down on electricity costs and your total energy bill.
As well as being environmentally friendly renewable energy, the panels are generally an investment at the outset but will save you money over the life of your pool.

Some energy companies offer reimbursements for people who install solar panels, which could make your pool cost effective.


Some estimates show that your pool pump will use just as much energy as the heater, which is why we suggest a variable speed pump.

This type of pump use only the energy needed for a certain function, saving money with each use.


Like a programmable thermostat in your home, an automated pool system only runs the equipment when it’s needed instead of all the time.
This saves energy, which is good for the environment, but also saves you money on your energy bill.

We have many options to choose from, so you should be able to find exactly what you need at Brisbane’s Environ Pools.


When your pool is covered, it greatly reduces evaporation, which keeps you from having to refill it as often.

It also helps trap heat in the water, cutting down on how much you need to use your heater.
Plus, keeping the pool covered helps control bacteria growth, which reduces the amount of chemicals you need to put in it.

Looking for concrete pool builders? Contact Environ Pools, for the green pool of your dreams.

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