Concrete vs Fibreglass

One of the most common questions we get asked at Environ Pools is “should I choose a fibreglass or a concrete pool?” The answer is, one is not better than the other. They are both different in their own ways.


Modern day fibreglass pools are built extremely well using superior resin and processes. They are smooth to swim in and readily available. A smart-looking pool that is suited to families with busy lifestyles; fibreglass pools remain a very popular choice.
The limitations of fibreglass pools include site access, pool shape, water depth and versatility. When considering access to a homeowner’s block, the positioning of powerlines and/or difficult-to-access sites may prevent the installation of a fibreglass shell, due to the limited shapes.
Pricing can be a surprise as it’s often assumed fibreglass will be cheaper than concrete. On average, a fibreglass pool is almost identical in price and in some instances may be more expensive due to installation or transportation issues.


The sky’s the limit with concrete pools! Wherever you plan to build your pool—next to your house or under your house—we can build your dream concrete swimming pool.
Yes, these days everything is possible. There are some new estates that have covenants only allowing the installation of concrete pools, which suggests a higher value on this asset. This may be a matter of opinion but an interesting one to ponder.

Concrete pools do have a reputation of rough surfaces, and some pool buyers may consider pebblecrete surfaces a little coarse. However, there are many forms of pebble from standard 2mm stone to polished smooth pebbles. With the introduction of glass beads the problem of a rough surface is no longer an issue. In fact, Environ Pools is an industry leader in glass beads and we can incorporate this into your design if you choose.

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