Bring Your Tropical Holiday To Your Backyard

Shades on, feet splashing in the cool water, soaking in the tropical sun while sipping on a Mojito – did that remind you of that tropical holiday you had to cancel this year? We’re sorry to remind you of that, but you can still enjoy that lifestyle without leaving your backyard.

At Environ Pools, we specialise in building you an at home oasis, which is why we have put together our tips on how to bring your tropical holiday to the backyard this summer.


Make your backyard feel like a tropical paradise with a scattering of vibrant and colourful exotic plants. Redesign your gardens to become a statement piece, complete with a wooden deck and a Balinese style hut – or simply add some colour to your yard with a handful of appealing plants.

To achieve the look of a tropical jungle, plant in layers with trees, bamboo and tall, reaching plants in the back of the garden and populate the middle with shrubs and a smaller species. Maybe install a stone walkway through the garden to feel like you’re taking a walk through the jungles of Bali or Fiji.

The taller plants at the back will create the illusion of depth in your backyard and emulate the thickness of a jungle canopy. Not to mention they improve the privacy around your property, so you can enjoy your tropical staycation away from prying eyes. An array of shrubs helps fill in the space and create depth in your garden. Tropical plants grow close together and make the area seem much more populated than it is.

If a full redesign isn’t in the cards, a handful of tropical plants add splashes of vibrant colour and glorious fragrances in summer. Luckily many species love the warm Australian conditions and grow easily in our backyards. Birds of Paradise, Cordyline, Peace Lilies and Palm Trees are all relatively easy to maintain plants that can add that tropical vibe to your yard.

If you’re feeling brave, try to grow fruit from a pomegranate or guava tree for fresh ingredients in your cocktails!



Don’t settle for a simple mixer! Take some time to attend a few cocktail classes with your significant other or the friends you will spend the holidays with. There are plenty of online tutorials to follow so that you can become a master mixer.

Learn how to make some delectable refreshments. We recommend the following as some unbeatable tropical drinks:

  • Blue Hawaiian
  • Mai Tai
  • Pineapple Margarita
  • Painkiller
  • Pina Colada
  • Mojito



Holiday’s aren’t all about wining and dining. Sometimes you need a space to unwind and isolate. Pick up a throw blanket and some pillows, or set up a bench in the corner of your patio and create a reading nest.

If you have a shade sail or marquee set up, that may be the perfect place to bunker down for a few hours and have a midday nap while enjoying the summer breeze.


Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? Explore your nearby shops to find some bargains on furnishings which will help bring your tropical vision to life.

Experiment with a range of patterns and colours to give your outdoor area a truly unique vibe. Coral pinks, mango oranges, teals, tangerine and sky blues are striking and pleasing colours to decorate with. Combine that with some bold floral patterns and rugged antiques to bring it all together. Rustic wooden decorations will marry well with bold, colourful fabrics and help bring the whole aesthetic together.



Lastly, the most important step in replicating a tropical holiday experience. Sure a blow-up pool might do until it pops and starts to leak, but to really make an experience to remember, consider building that pool you’ve been dreaming of.

Bring out some scuba gear and drop little trinkets and toys into the pool for the kids to scavenge or sit around and dip your toes in while you sip on chilled refreshments.

It’s an investment you will be proud of when you see the joy it brings your friends, family, kids or any other guests that may stop by during the holidays. Laughing and splashing together during your staycation is a mental picture that will never fade.

At Environ Pools, we are Brisbane’s leading builders of concrete pools and can create a plan to suit any of your space and personal needs. You can be sure you are in safe and professional hands. Call us between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday or email us to start building your own tropical oasis in your backyard.

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