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Word-of-Mouth for Logan Swimming Pools

Environ Pools has been designing and building swimming pools for our Logan friends for the past 30 years.

Our pools are notable, not just for their outstanding good looks, but also for their many practical advantages—including the ease of maintaining superb water quality, as well as the safety and security aspects.

We choose not to build “off-the-shelf” designs. You deserve better than cookie-cutter pools for cookie-cutter properties. From anyone’s perspective, including the council pool inspector, an Environ Pools design will tick all the boxes.

Our success would not be possible if our prices did not make sense to our prospective customers. If you want to enjoy the best pool for your money and add maximum value to your property, you can get the ball rolling today. Simply let us know you’d like a free quote.

We’ll show you how to spend your investment dollars wisely. Your swimming pool needs to be a smart investment.

How Our Swimming Pools Add More Value

When it comes to building swimming pools in Logan, Environ Pools is at the cutting edge. We design pools for families that also happen to be state-of-the-art.

Chlorine is not the only choice these days… at least not with Environ Pools. We can build you a pool that is actually good for your skin and hair. Our Mineral Swimpools will have you asking yourself how lesser options could even make sense over the long term.

Your new swimming pool should be the scene of great memories for sure. It should also be a profitable investment. If you were to sell in the future, escaping the heat in Logan will not escape potential buyers. When you choose Environ Pools, your swimming pool will lead all the Logan property buyers to water.

We’ve come out on top mind on more than one occasion with our industry body is the Swimming Pool & Spa Association. So it’s not just us talking it up.

You can learn more on our About Environ Pools page.

Some of the available options to consider in the meantime for your Logan swimming pool include:

  • Automated system
    Great for the energy bill, automation will run your pool equipment only at the times you specify. Off-peak times will save you money and be more kind for the environment.
  • Variable speed pump
    With this type of pool pump, you can control water circulation in your pool. Both flow rates and operation times can be set. The benefits include improved water quality and cheaper energy usage.
  • Solar heating
    Solar panels are the best solution to heating your pool so you can use it all year ’round, without it costing you a bomb.
  • Cover
    When evaporation steals yours wimming pool’s water, you don’t want to spend summer buying more water to top it up. A swimming pool cover will help prevent this, which means you also won’t be going through additional chemicals to treat the added water either.

Future-Proof Your Swimming Pool Investment

If you’re making the serious investment in a swimming pool at your Logan property, you might want to future-proof it.

At Environ Pools, we needed to know what all the fuss about the Dead Sea was. Turns out, people flock to the Dead Sea from all over the world to jump in and benefit from its mineral-rich waters.

The Dead Sea has come to Logan in the form of our Mineral Swim pools. Years of research and development went into this innovative type of swimming pool. In a nutshell, instead of chlorine, your Mineral Pool will be purified and, more importantly, enriched by minerals direct from the Dead Sea.

Most of us like to think of the health-giving aspects of the backyard swimming pool. Finally, you’ll be able to say that your hair and skin are looking good after a swim. Add to that the magnesium you will benefit from. There is no end of literature describing how important magnesium is to our health.

Find out more about the benefits of Mineral Swim by giving us call today at Environ Pools.

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