Shopping & Servicing For Pools Just Got Better

Shopping & Servicing For Pools Just Got Better
February 3, 2022 admin

Getting personal assistance and service for pool equipment just became a lot more flexible! It can be really frustrating having something on your to-do list for months but being too time-poor to tick it off. Pool maintenance often falls under that umbrella, especially if you need to make a trip into the pool shop to get some essential products or equipment. Luckily you can do everything from your phone now while still getting an in-person experience.

Our sister company, Pool Builders Pool Shop has implemented a smart, digital chat solution into their website so you can be connected instantly to a real technician and even get custom quotes on the fly. Want to know more? Check out this blog on their website.

If you have any questions about a product or want to guarantee an item is right for you, you can chat to a pool technician online with the click of a button. Read on to see how this has redefined online pool shopping.

Get Custom Quotes And Instant Support

All pools are different, and sometimes to get the right equipment, you need a quote that considers the custom specifications of your pool. Because of that, some items Pool Builders Pool Shop stock can only be sold if you have had a conversation with a qualified technician.

By using their new website chat service, a trained expert can provide a custom quote for you in just minutes. There’s no submission form or phone call needed.

If you just want more information on a product, the chat tool can connect you directly to someone who can help. This way, you can feel confident with any purchase knowing it has been recommended by a trained professional.

Environ Pools Offers Support Long After The Pool Has Been Built

Buying a pool is like getting a brand new car! With a dealership, you expect ongoing support, maintenance and assistance. Sometimes pool owners feel like they’re left to fend for themselves after their pool is installed.

That’s where our sister business Pool Builders Pool Shop helps. They ensure you’re getting the best, tried and tested pool equipment and a high standard of pool support.

Of course, if you buy a car through a dealership, you’ll trust that brand’s mechanics to handle your servicing and maintenance because they understand all the ins and outs of each model. The same applies to our pools. If Environ Pools helped build your dream pool, trust our team for ongoing maintenance and testing because no one knows our pools better than us.

Pool Builders Pool Shop also offers a revolutionary remote service using the Blue Connect Plus, a remote monitoring system that keeps track of your pool’s chemical levels. When the PBPS team notices an imbalance, they can alert you of what needs to be changed and even install the chemicals themselves.

Now with the new digital chat service, you can shop for anything on the online platform, even no-price items, thanks to their new ability to provide instant and accurate quotes through the virtual assistant.

Environ Pools Through To Pool Builders Pool Shop – Always Get The Best Service

When you partner with Environ Pools, you get the best possible support for the whole lifetime of your concrete pool. We know how to help get the most out of your pool, and PBPS’s brilliant services make getting support so easy!

Don’t be left on your own – get your best interests taken care of with quality service from the Environ Pools and PBPS teams! Contact us today if you want a free quote on the pool of your dreams. If you’re an existing customer that wants to start taking advantage of PBPS’s services, check out their website here.