Queensland Summer Pool Maintenance 101

Queensland Summer Pool Maintenance 101
November 11, 2021 admin

Summer is almost here! We’ve been enviously looking at our pools through spring but aren’t game to jump in just yet. And we’ll tell you what – we’re sick of it. We want to go swimming now.

Things are getting warm quickly, and in no time, we’ll be chilling out in perfectly cool waters. Because we don’t want to miss a second, we’ve already done our summer preparations to make sure the water is swim-ready as soon as summer arrives.

Have you done the same? No worries if not, there’s still plenty of time left. Check out this blog for a checklist of everything you should do to get ready for summer.

Check Technical Installations For Faults

Before you dump a load of chemicals into your pool, you’ll want to make sure the pool’s organs are in tip-top shape. When we say organs, we mean the fundamental machinery responsible for circulating the water and cleaning out any nasties. These include your:

  • Filters
  • Skimmers and Returns
  • Sand Traps
  • Pumps

Your pool filter will be the head of your troubleshooting, so start there. Read the pressure gauge and see the pressure that’s flowing through the pump system. An average pressure is between 25 – 60 pounds per square inch. If you’re getting a lower score, it indicates a problem either with your pump or a blockage at some point in the process. Follow this quick troubleshooting checklist to see if your pump is working properly:

  • Backwash the filter
  • Clean the skimmers
  • Check no debris is clogging the returns

Once all that is done, your PSI should return to normal. If not, your pump may have malfunctioned. Even if your PSI reads normal, it’s worth checking these three points every time your pool has been left unattended for a while.


Give It A Scrub

Strip back any gross green build-up that may be growing on your pool walls and remove any leaves or other debris that has fallen into the water. Make the pool chemistry part easier by cleaning up the pool as much as possible before adding any chemicals.

Get The Water Swim Ready

Now that all the groundwork is good – it’s time to clean up the water. Run a chemical test first and act based on its instructions. You’ll want to top it up with chlorine or salt and balance out the pH level.

For a more comprehensive guide on servicing your pool’s water, check out the article our mates at Pool Builders Pool Shop put together. We’re the experts at building pools that you’ll cherish for years – they’re the pros at ensuring you get as much enjoyment out of it as possible.

If you want to skip the pool chemistry – get them to do it for you. Pool Builders Pool Shop have pioneered hands-off pool maintenance in the form of their Digital Pool Solutions, which utilises the Blue Connect technology to remotely monitor your pool. There’s nothing quite like it in Queensland.

You can purchase all your pool chemical needs at trade price on the Pool Builders Pool Shop website and have the team deliver them to your door, or install it for you.


Establish A Cleaning Schedule

Once your pool is good to go, make sure it stays that way for all of the summer. We promise that maintaining a pool’s water is much easier than getting it right the first time. It’s recommended to clean your pool at least once a week to make sure it stays clean and uncontaminated.

If you don’t want to spend time scrubbing your pool once a week, invest in a high-quality pool cleaning robot. That way, you have a nifty gizmo that can do the job for you and keep the pool tidy 24/7. PBPS has a collection of pool cleaning options, but the quintessential cleaning companion is the Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner.

Dolphin cleaners are self-driven, working independently from the filter and pump, collecting dirt and debris in a bag or cartridge within the pool cleaner – reducing the load on your filter.

Pass The Job Onto The Pros

We live busy lives; if you struggle to find time for this tall job, it can be solved in a few hours with our help. At Environ Pools, we are one of Brisbane’s longest-serving pool companies and offer friendly, specialist help and assistance. Get in touch with us today!