Give The Gift Of The Blue Connect This Christmas

Give The Gift Of The Blue Connect This Christmas
November 29, 2021 admin

Santa may not clean your pool this Christmas (as nice as that would be) – but he can give you a gift that makes it almost effortless to keep it in the best condition.

When building a new pool, you want to be sure you’re set up with the right equipment and technology to ensure seamless pool maintenance and management. Whether you or someone you know has just had a swimming pool installed, or even if the pool has been established for a while, gifting the Blue Connect this Christmas makes pool maintenance easy.

Best of all, the award-winning pool supply and pool service company, Pool Builders Pool Shop, have evolved the Blue Connect into a sophisticated off-site management system that monitors all your pool system data for you. That means we can monitor your pool remotely and send the equipment you need right to your doorstep when you need it, or organise to install it ourselves!

Read on to learn more about this innovative pool maintenance solution for new and established pool installations.

After The Pool Build, What’s Next?

After your pool build is complete, aside from hours spent doing laps and playing pool volleyball, you’ll also have the responsibility of maintaining your pool. Traditionally, a big component of pool maintenance was water tests; taking your water sample down to the local pool shop, and having it tested for any issues with your pool water parameters. But with modern technological advancements, these tests are quickly becoming redundant. Aside from them often delivering inaccurate results, resulting in the pool owner spending endless dollars on pool chemicals they did not need, these water tests are a time-consuming hassle. Today, however, things have changed. With new technologies; namely, the Blue Connect, pool owners can track their pool system data from the comfort of their couch.


How Does The Blue Connect Work?

The technology of the Blue Connect allows pool owners to have full access to their pool system data right at their fingertips. The sophisticated technology combines a water quality sensor and smart algorithms to interpret water, weather and user data. The Blue Connect tracks all important pool parameters, including pH level, chlorine level, salinity level (salt density) and your water temperature.

The pool technicians at Pool Builders Pool Shop install this device for you. From here, with the corresponding smart phone app, pool owners can view all their pool system data from the comfort of their couch – without having to collect a water test and run down to the nearest pool shop. Better yet, these pool owners can also gain access to Pool Builders Pool Shop’s off-site monitoring service.

What Is The Off-Site Monitoring Service?

After the Blue Connect installation, the pool owner is added to Pool Builders Pool Shop’s monitoring platform. This is monitored by their experienced pool technicians daily. The pool owner will only receive an update if their water chemistry is outside the predetermined thresholds set within the Blue Connect device.

Even fixing the issue can be done without leaving the house! Pool Builders Pool Shop sends through a link with the exact chemicals needed to resolve the issue – and these can be delivered straight to the pool owner’s door. Alternatively, the technicians at Pool Builders Pool Shop will happily install the chemicals for the pool owner.

The Blue Connect helps protect pool owners from major issues with their pool. Because the data is monitored by professionals every day, pool owners can rest assured that if any issues were to arise, they can resolve them ASAP.


Constant Link For Communication

Pool owners with the Blue Connect installed can choose to receive weekly updates of their pool system data via email or SMS. On top of monitoring pool owners’ pool system data every day, the team at Pool Builders Pool Shop also provide a constant link for communication for clients with their pool shop. This is perfect for when you need a technician to interpret the pool system data and communicate it back to you, or if you have any questions about a detected issue with your pool system data.

Pool Data You Can Trust

At Environ Pools, we know the last thing anyone wants after their swimming pool construction is dodgy pool maintenance. Unlike many traditional pool water tests, the algorithm driving the Blue Connect smart pool analyzer has not been engineered to merely sell more chemicals and pool products. It instead delivers impartial and reliable reports you can trust. This drastically reduces the risk of unnecessary servicing costs and pool maintenance fees.


Give The Gift Of Stress-Free Pool Maintenance This Christmas

The Blue Connect takes the stress out of pool maintenance. This sophisticated device is the perfect Christmas gift idea for the new or established pool owner in your life – perhaps even you! Instead of putting off trips down to a pool shop for a water test that may not even be accurate, installing the Blue Connect empowers all pool owners to stay on top of their pool water chemistry – from the comfort of their own home. You can purchase the Blue Connect (with free install if you’re in the Greater Brisbane area) from Pool Builders Pool Shop’s website. In the meantime, check out Environ Pools’ top pool maintenance tips here.